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Become a Non-Profit Partner

The majority of the events slated for the 2024 Festival  are interactive in nature, providing opportunities for hands-on experiences, an approach that has quickly become the hallmark of Festivals across the US. Collaboration is essential to the success of the El Paso Science Festival. Local educational institutions, Nonprofit Organizations, and businesses come together as a community to provide numerous opportunities to explore science topics relevant to our daily lives and the critical issues of our time. Working together, we are able to provide higherimpact, higher-value experiences to foster science learning and emphasize the prevalence of science and scientists in our community. There are many different opportunities for to be involved in the Inaugural El Paso Science Festival. 

There is no fee to be a Non-Profit Partner of El Paso Science Festival and we will benefit from our partnership bring. As a Partner you will enjoy a 50% discount on the exhibit fee, or you can provide in-kind services in lieu of your fee. In addition, your logos will be placed on the El Paso Science Festival website and your related events will be promoted on the El Paso Science Festival website.

To maximize the reach and impact of our mutual efforts we encourage our partners to:

  • Promote the festival

  • Provide volunteers

  • Provide venues, content, and/or media services

  • Provide in-kind contributions

  • Host festival events


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